Take the People's Agenda Pledge

I co-sign the principles of the People's Agenda and will hold my Representative accountable on the next coronavirus package to ensure that it puts people first.

We're asking Representatives in the House to pledge to oppose any coronavirus relief bill in the next round that does not put the majority of focus on the People's Agenda that Americans desperately need and expect from our elected leaders.

The People's Agenda Pledge

The Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic hasn’t done nearly enough to help working people. We’re calling on members of Congress to make a public commitment to vote NO on the next coronavirus response legislation unless it is a true People’s Agenda for relief. That means any future relief package must:

Keep People on Payrolls

Stop mass layoffs, and preserve employment relationships for all businesses, including small businesses. Ensure federal dollars go to workers and small businesses, not enriching CEOs and Wall Street.

Provide Financial Relief

Expand aid for the most vulnerable in the COVID-19 epidemic, including direct cash assistance, increased food aid, debt relief, and eviction protections.

Protect Public Health

Full health coverage for all: COVID-19 care and protections for all frontline workers including a mandatory OSHA standard.

Defend Elections

Enact a vote-by-mail requirement for 2020 federal elections while maintaining access to in-person voting for those who do not have access to mail voting.

Coming Soon: People's Agenda Champions (the Representatives who have taken the pledge)

Democrats must ensure the next package provides relief to every person in this country, regardless of tax or immigration status, age or disability.

This outbreak has already resulted in tens of thousands of people dying, and tens of millions losing their jobs. It has thrown our elections, health care system, and economy into chaos. We can’t afford to wait any longer for Congress to take these necessary steps; it’s time for members to use their vote to demand real relief through a People’s Agenda. See the letter we sent Congress here →

Your Representative isn't going to take the pledge without you taking action. Ready?

Social Security Works
Friends of the Earth
Progressive Change Campaign Committee

No more waiting for "next time." Next time is now.

The People's Agenda Pledge is a joint project of the organizations listed above and was not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

NextGen America
United We Dream
Women's March
Bend the Arc

Daily Call Script

Every day, we'll post a new call script on one of the principles of the People's Agenda. Use it to guide your call with your representative as you demand that they take the People's Agenda Pledge

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